Day of Fosterly — Saturday, May 4th, 2013

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10:00am - 6:30pm

@ Artisphere Map It

1101 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, VA 22209


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Workshop: How to Hire, For Real
Susan LaMotte
Bijou Theater
You're growing and need to hire rockstar talent in a market where everyone else is trying to do the same. Do you write a cool job description, post it and pray? Nope. You need a strategy and a plan to hire talent that fits the open jobs, the culture and the talent gaps in your organization.

What will we cover:

Defining what makes your organization different and better. Creating simple short and long term talent plans that actually work. How to do the basics, for real. Evaluating talent beyond 'this person seems cool'. Managing risk so you don't get screwed. What start-up job seekers care about and why they'll work for you. Stop hiring carbon copies of yourself. Hire people with the right combination of skill, fit and future.

Workshop: Product Design Lessons from an EdTech Startup
Adam Johnson
Ed Lab
EdTech is hot right now, and DC is one of the hubs of innovation in the field. It's also a uniquely complex sector, with a host of challenges and obstacles to success and scale.

Come join a few members of EverFi's product and engineering teams to discuss what we've learned from 4 years on the EdTech scene. We'll have tips and suggestions for EdTech entrepreneurs, and anyone else in product design.

Workshop: The Psychology of Success: Applying the secrets that set successful entrepreneurs apart
Sara Oliveri
Bijou Theater

What makes a great entrepreneur? Why do some businesses flourish while others fail? What do all successful entrepreneurs have in common?
And most importantly, can a person LEARN to be a great entrepreneur?
The answer is YES! Research reveals that the attributes and that the skills of being a great entrepreneur CAN be learned.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn the truth about great entrepreneurs – some of the findings will surprise you!
- Identify the psychology shared by successful entrepreneurs
- Implement tested techniques for building entrepreneurship
- Begin reaping the benefits of being a better entrepreneur

You will leave the workshop with:
- Techniques for building your greatest business asset - your mind
- Increased power to influence business growth
- Reduced stress about coming up with the perfect business idea

Workshop: Finding a CoFounder
Shahab Kaviani
Ed Lab

You've recognized that building a scaling business can't be done alone. How can you find someone to join you? What should you look for in a potential Co-Founder? How do you break up responsibilities to optimize your strengths. What steps can you take to make sure your business partnership is a healthy one, to build a strong long standing foundation for your business. Shahab Kaviani, Co-Founder and CEO of CoFoundersLab will be providing insights into these questions.

Workshop: Customer-Centric Marketing 101
Hillary Berman
Bijou Theater

Loyal customers are critical to the success of any small business. But does your business truly embrace this most valuable asset at its core? Does your business make it easy for customers to buy? Is it engaging enough for one-time buyers to return? Most importantly, is your business connecting deeply enough to drive referrals and create “raving fans?” Customer-centric marketing is about more than just discounts and promotions. In this course, learn how to think differently about all aspects of marketing – putting your customer first.

Workshop: Rock Your Web Content
Melanie Spring
Ed Lab

Need a refresh of your website content? Working on a new business and need to create website content from scratch? Melanie Spring & Camie Rodan from Sisarina have put together a class on how to:

- Find your branded voice
- Put your web goals in writing
- Layout a structure for each page
- Start filling in the blanks
- Encourage engagement through your content

By the time you're done, you'll be on the path to creating engaging, branded website content without boring your potential customers to tears.

Workshop: Spying on Your Competitors
Allen Gannett
Bijou Theater

You don't have to be James Bond to spy on your competitors. From display ad tracking to SEO to Social Media and more, tracking your competitors gives you the upper hand in winning more market share. This workshop explores the tools and tactics used by new wave marketers to track their competitors and how to use these insights to better your own marketing.

Workshop: An Introduction to Lean Startup
Teague Hopkins
Ed Lab

If you think of starting a company as playing blackjack, then using lean startup is counting cards. Learn how to understand your customers, design useful experiments, and make the smarter bets.

This workshop introduces the first three types of minimum viable product that most startups will encounter: Problem Interviews, Product Pitches, and Concierge MVPs. We will also cover the most common myths about lean startups, as well as common objections and concerns, followed by Q&A

Workshop: The Affordable Care Act and its Impact on Entrepreneurs
Julie Verratti
Bijou Theater

SBA offers a variety of programs and support services to help you navigate the issues you face when you start up, and resources to help after you open for business. People from the SBA will be here to go over our services and to answer any questions you have. We plan on covering everything from capital sources and government contracting to exporting and mentoring programs.

Workshop: How to develop a responsive app quickly with DivShot and Rails
Brandon Hunter
Ed Lab

Learn how the secrets behind building a responsive app using DivShot and Rails

Workshop: Good Corporate Governance
Ayana Wooten-Days & Laina Lopez
Bijou Theater

Congratulations! You’ve done the hard part and come up with a brilliant idea for your start-up company. You are ready to launch, but you ask yourself: Should I form an LLC, a partnership, or a corporation? How do I attract investors while protecting my equity stake? And what about taxes? Also,what do I do if something goes wrong and my company gets sued? In this forum, you will learn about (a) good business planning and corporate governance to help protect your growing company from liability and (b) the litigation process in the event of a lawsuit. Join Ayanna Wooten-Days, Esq. and Laina Lopez, Esq., of Washington, D.C. law firm Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe LLP, for a lively presentation with plenty of time for Q & A.

Workshop: Finances De•mys•ti•fied: The Entrepreneur Edition

Dominique Broadway
Ed Lab

Yay! You have quit your job and are pursuing your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur! As you begin your new venture or as you go after your first round of funding, there are always many questions for entrepreneurs that go answered from a personal finance standpoint. This workshop will answer these questions:

- How do I create a budget when my income is not consistent?

- How do I save for retirement now that I do not have a 401(k)?

- How do I pay my bills while I am waiting for clients to pay?

- How do I pay my taxes throughout the year to avoid a big bill at tax time?

- What are my health insurance and life insurance options?

This workshop will be a open discussion. Please bring any questions that you have about your personal finances now that you are an entrepreneur or as you embark on this new exciting journey!

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